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    I would like to thank those of you who have sent me pictures and comments!
    I am simply thrilled by your thoughtfulness!

    Blessings and Many, MANY Thanks,


    ps: If we've helped to outfit your boat, feel free to send pictures or comments.

    Yes, Ultimate Passage is one of the OLDEST Marine Electronics sites on the Web!
    --Go to WHOIS UltimatePassage.com Scroll up to "Dates" to verify our internet-presence since May 07, 2003.
    You can also check any other site, to verify out how long they've been around. There's a lot of 'fly-by-night' sites out there with pricing 'too good to be true' with web addresses/URLs expiring or never older than one year.
    As you'll find, my website, UltimatePassage.com, has been around since May, 2003, so we will be around for YOU!

    --The following is Not in any particular date-order...--

    On December 30, I placed an almost $7,000 order with You, your company/Ultimate Passage, on the advise of a friend (Xxx Xxxxxxx).  Everything GOOD he told me was 110% True!  You called me, you kept me up-to-date on the backorders, and called when my order shipped on 1-9, about a week before you even expected all items to be in stock.

    I visited several sites to find "The Best" prices for Raymarine and other items I needed.  I found a lot of sites to be very deceiving in cost, especially when it came to shipping.  --i.e. some of your items may have been a few-bucks more, but the "other guy" wanted over $300 to ship my order!  You shipped it for $9.95, as stated!!  I now realize why you wouldn't "Match" their price because cost-wise, it was comparing apples to green beans!  And one of the places, three calls and two emails, I still haven't heard back from.

    I was able to get my ETA from UPS.com per your email and your phone call today.  You make it very easy to do business with your company!  I will mention Ultimate Passage at the marinas I visit.

    Ultimate Passage ROCKS!!  Feel free to post this on your website.

    David R.
    San Diego, CA

    OCTOBER 13, 2011:  It was brought to my attention from a long-time client that on 9/28/2011 UltimatePassage.com received the following Nasty Review from "Andrei via TRUSTPILOT"  --I don't even know who TRUSTPILOT is except they seem to be based out of the United Kingdom and wanted me to Subscribe/PAY $500-USD  to dispute the following:

    "Site is very unprofessional. Don't even waste your time with them.
    I placed a large order with them, 3 days later still have no email confirmation of any type. So, when i called them they said to me that my transaction was canceled due to probable fraud alert.
    Nobody even bothered to call me first to verify it.
    If i didn't called them myself i would have been waiting and waiting....
    Very bad service, put your money some place else!!!!"
    By andrei - Sep 28, 2011 - TRUSTPILOT 

    What I hope you'll understand:

    #1)  I have been in business since 1995 (15+ Years!) and my reputation is Second to NONE!  In fact, I'm on friendly terms/first name basis with most of my major competitors!  In this day and age, I have The Right to Protect Myself and the welfare of My Business and decide who I sell to.  If it doesn't work for the .0001 percent of you, I'm genuinely sorry.

    #2)  I do Not subscribe to these 'rating agencies' because it's an infrigement of YOUR Privacy!  Once these 'scripts' are on my site, they know YOU, they know what you buy, they know how much you spent, and they also have All of your personal data!!  Yahoo, PayPal, and Google Check-out, ALL collect your data and then sell it  --Although 'spam' is so prevalent these days, people who use these 'secure' services see an influx of spam within days.

    #3)  I am plagued with ID Theft Orders Every Single Day and Me, THE MERCHANT, suffers by being Out the money, Out the cost of the product shipped, plus, a $75 Charge-back/'investigation fee' by Visa/MC/Discover  if I process and ship a fraudulent order!  ...What's worse, the credit card companies don't give a Sh*t because it's no water off their back.  ...I gave up trying to contact them because they simply don't care --It's a 'Profit Center' for them!   I'm now doing my best to hunt down the 'real owner of the card' and let them know fraudulent orders are being made on their credit card account.  I swear on my Mother's ashes, two of ten people have called me back in the last 20 days to THANK ME!!  --One person had over $20K charged to their business account in five (5) days and shipped to several addresses across the U.S.

    "Andrei" provided:  #1) a Russian email address, and #2) a Billing Address far different than the Ship-To Address.  --I'm sorry, but this type of order automatically gets "Flagged"  as possible ID Theft!

    Unfortunately, we only had ONE (1) In Stock and it was sold to a customer with "NO Flags".  I'm sorry if this didn't sit well with "Andrei", but that's the way 'I have to roll' to insure the safety and integrity of My Business and My Customers! 

    What you buy from me/Ultimate Passage is ONLY between You and Me and is no one else's business!

    Many Blessings, 

    Lisa Collins
    Owner, UltimatePassage.com

    On 11/11/2011 10:27 AM, Pete Martin wrote:
    Dear Lisa,
    The Prosine 2.0 was delivered yesterday, thank you much! You may remember I had some question whether it had the GFCI receptacle option; it did, so I am entirely satisfied.

    I noticed before I ordered that there was one negative customer review posted in the Google Shopping results (I guess it's called). I thought there might be another side to it, and thanks to your web site providing a telephone number, it was easy for me to call you to get my own impression, which was favorable (and all the more so now).

    I can't figure out how to post my own positive feedback for your business. Do you happen to know how one can do that?

    Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to any further dealings with you and Ultimate Passage,

    CUSTOMER Replys to October 13, 2011:
    10/19/2011 11:32 PM
    From: Roby Warwick
    Subject: Very pleased customer 8-)
    Good evening Lisa, I was on Ultimate Passage last night looking for a trailer winch to replace one that failed. I saw that you were even less expensive than eBay. I came across your post about the nasty review from a so-called "trustpilot" customer who placed a large order. I think it/he was a fraud. I have placed a couple of large orders with you and have always received excellent customer service. Ultimate passage is by far my favorite site to browse for marine products. I have spent several hours (even at work and almost getting in trouble) building a shopping list for the winter boat projects. I'm surprised you don't have a Facebook page to build a large fan base. Anyhow I am close to turning my shopping list into an order so be ready.

    Best regards

    Roby Warwick
    Houston TX

    --Absolutely you can add my post to your board, you can use my full name if you want. I need to pull my boat out and verify some stuff so I can order the right parts. Been so busy lately I keep having to put it off. Talk to you soon.

    10/20/2011 7:02 PM
    lisa weve been competitors for at least 8 years and i know you to be as upfront and honest as my own company.  for obvious reasons i prefer to remain annoymous.
    as you say theres always going to be a small percentage who you cant please so   [I, Lisa/from Ultimate Passage, have Deleted the end of this sentence!] .
    just keep doing what your doing.  id rather compete with ultimatepassage than some of these fly by night places that you cant even call to verifiy a price or shippiing charges.
    luv ya babe

    Hi Lisa and Bruce,
    I hope you recieved my order from last night. 
    I've been buying from you guys since you were only selling Raymarine and Furuno and you would order items for me that weren't on your site!. Wow, have times changed!

    I have to laugh about this "Nasty Post" it's just not the way things are with you guys.
    I don't know what I need to say to give Ultimate Passage a 10+ but thats what I'd rank You!

    Keep up the great work!

    Bill Cole
    Anacortez, WA

    Cabelas & Bass Pro shops sure could learn a few things from you, and your company!!!!  I recieved the gps combo and compass in 27 hours. Unreal! every thing looks great, Now i just have to wait three more weeks for my boat, to be finished being built. Thank You.. and i'll with out a doubt will be, ordering from you and your company again.  p.s. so will my friends thanks again   JESSE 

    Thanks a Lot... My order was delivered this morning. I could not have been more pleased with the service from your company. You people went far and beyond others. Your address is bookmarked in my computer and I will surely be a return customer.   Thanks Again.

    Kenny S.
    Charleston, SC

    Dear Lisa and Staff,

    We wanted to thank you for the great service in all aspects:  shopping on the net, purchasing, shipping, e-mail notifications, etc.  We couldn't believe how quickly and economically we received our order.  Keep up the good work!  Your website was recommended to us and we'll recommend others we know to check with UltimatePassage.com before making their electronic purchases. 

    Have a great day!!!

    Darrell and Annette
    Moss Point, MS

    Thank You For Your Service. I Received The Antenna & Mount TODAY.  Now Thats What I Call Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You & God Bless!!
    P.S. I'm Looking Forward To Doing Business With You In The Near Future!!!!!

    Dave R.
    McAlisterville, PA



    Do you remember the old Roadrunner cartoons where the coyote would order something from the ACME  company and it would arrive in about ten seconds? Yesterday afternoon, I ordered a compass from you and it arrived today, the next afternoon! That�s amazing. I�ve been looking around at different merchants trying to get the compass and was afraid I had somehow ordered two because of the speed. Anyway, thanks for the fast response.

    Ken C.
    Anacortes, WA

    To: DeFeverCruisersForum@yahoogroups.com
    Subject: [DeFeverCruisersForum] Electronics

    I just want to mention that I have received outstanding service from a company named Ultimate Passage www.ultimatepassage.com the owners name is Lisa. I was shopping for new electronics for my DF 44 and just happened to locate this company. The company handles most all electronics. I shopped my local marine electronic stores, online and West Marine. No one could beat their pricing and $8.00 shipping. I decided on Ray marine and made my purchase. I accidentally ordered the wrong type chart and only after opening the case found the error. I notified Lisa and she immediately sent me the correct one and apologized for not catching my error. I was not charged for the wrong chart and was able to return it. If this was West Marine it would have been " You opened it you bought it"

    I have just installed my electronics system package of an E120 & E80 with all the mullet function equipment and 2 radios. We found a problem in the E120 not wanting to be the repeater or slave unit and would shut down. I had a authorized Ray marine installer inspect the unit and installation and recommend that I see if my selling dealer would switch out the unit. I contacted Lisa and after explaining the situation and even though it has now been over 30 days since purchase she is air freighting me a new E120 unit and will let me return my old unit.

    Fantastic customer service by Ultimate Passage and Lisa. You don't find this much anymore and especially purchasing something online. Should you speak with her please tell her you heard from Mike Brewer in Calif. that she is wonderful. Check with her during your next purchase you won't regret it. 

    Please remove my review from the UP web site immediately my views have drastically changed.
    Mike & Linda Brewer
    Trinity Rose
    defer 44

    Dear Mr. Brewer,
    I will NOT remove your original post because, to the tune of almost $20k you've spent with my company since September, 2009 through August, 2012, you've Complained/had a problem with almost EVERY item you've bought from me!  Additionally, Raymarine has bent over backwards for you and you've had problems with Every Single Offer they've made to make it right.

    You also claim I/Ultimate Passage sent you Raymarine refurbished products from another dealer.  It is NOT TRUE and I will not deal with your slander.  You said "someone" at Raymarine told you that, but Winston Savage, Head Technician at Raymarine, vehemently denied that and TOLD YOU every Raymarine product you bought from me was brand new, direct from them and was verified by the serial number.  --Now, any of the MANY Returns you may have made directly to Raymarine,  may have been replaced with a 'refurburished' model, but you've NEVER received anything but a "Brand New Product" from me/Ultimate Passage.

    Simply because I chose to issue you a 100% Refund on your 'latest issue/problem' with a Raritan toilet $260 part, August, 2012, instead of sending a replacement, which I still haven't received back, should indicate that I do not want anymore of your business.

    My Customer Service can only stretch so far!

    Many Blessings to you,

    Lisa Collins
    I sell thousands of dollars in Raymarine equipment every year without incident! Mr. Brewer even knows (whether he admits it or not), I told him, right from the start, he had an 'electrical' problem on his boat...

    An Update 1/4/2013-- "Lisa,  Just to let you know it appears that we finally have working electronics.  After all this time Raymarine installed a special inverter that corrected the inherent issues with their product.  We have had a Raymarine authorized tech on our boat from August to December, yes 5 months. 

    And 1/6/13-- "I am sorry we lost our business relationship over me complaining about my equipment I truly liked doing business with UP.  ....." 

    Raymarine's version of this story is not exactly as Mr. Brewer posted.  --As it turns out, his original inverter was bad from "Day 1" and it caused problems with ALL of the electronics on his boat.  According to Raymarine, while they did, in fact, provide a brand new inverter, they did not install a "special" inverter and there, of course, is NO "inherent issues with their products" but they were dealing with the same threats he had been making to me... 
    8/17/2012-- "Lisa,  I cant even read you long explanation if you do not remove this I will make some unpleasant comments about UP.  You sold me defective and returned dealer merchandise along with some other things I won't mention.  If these issue with Raymarine do not get resolved I will file litigation against you.  Sorry to get nasty but you need to take care of your customers.  Get your facts straight."


    Just wanted to drop you a line of thanks. I had a question about one of your products before I placed an order. You were very helpful and went out of your way to get me the information even calling me back after you had to research the answer. I placed my order at 12:49 p.m. and thought that it would ship the next business day. Much to my surprise and delight it arrive at my door the next day before noon. I am amazed at your great service and will be one of your best advertisements ever. Thanks again.

    Newport, N. C. 


    Thanks for all of your help and quick handling of my orders.

    I have given your website to Grandpappy Point Marina on Lake Texoma.  When I
    bought my boat from them, part of the deal was that I would be allowed to
    buy the E80 at their cost.  Their actual cost, and I believe them, is higher
    that your selling price.  So you may get some business from them.




    The first box was here as promised, and the second arrived right on time.  All items ordered were received!!

    THANK YOU!!!  We really do appreciate the timely and accurate service!!

    Rest assured I will not hesitate to refer my friends to you that are purchasing electronics....or anything you have in your e-catalog!

    Now I just have to get them all installed......

    Again, Thanks!!

    Rob"Just a Tinch"
    Gulfstar 44 MY
    Punta Gorda, FL

    Dear Lisa,

    A big "Thank You" goes out to you for the extra effort to get my order
    shipped out today!

    With such great customer service, your company will grow beyond your
    most optimistic projections.


    Al Mogenis

    P.S. I still owe you lunch.

    Received the shipment this morning.  I was really surprised to get it this quickly.  Thank you.  It's a pleasure doing business with you.

    Capt. Tony G.
    Dania Beach, FL

    just wanted to say thanks for the help today with the humminbird 787.its not very often you can get such great service anywhere anymore. i am glad i came across your web site and will defiently use you again for futher purchases. once again thanks.

    james w

    gray court, sc

    Thanks for the timely processing and shipping of my VHF radio.  Your web site is excellent.  Very easy to navigate and not all cluttered and crazy like most of the other marine sites.  I suspect your business will continue to improve, as it seems you are seriously better than most of your competition. Again, thanks.

    Peter D


    Our twelve year old inverter stopped working and started smoking on a Friday afternoon.

    I had to wait until Monday morning to place the order for a new inverter.

    The Inverter was $300.00 cheaper at your website compared everywhere else. In addition to the personal, courteous and efficient service you provided,  you offered three day shipping for Twenty three dollars.

    I was very surprised when the inverter arrived the next day.

    It works wonderfully. Why would anyone shop anywhere else?

    Thank you for a wonderful experience.

    Joe Bredehoeft

    Feel free to post this on your website etc. 

    Hi Lisa,
    These are 29# and 34# Chinook salmon that we caught on Saturday twenty two miles offshore out of Westport.  There were six other salmon all around twenty pounds each.  Thankfully I had the GPS and Navionics to get back because that far out you can barely see any land.
    Ray S.
    Maple Valley, WA


    Howard R.
    North Woodmere, NY

    Dear Lisa,

    I'm finally getting around to sending you some pictures of the boat (a Selene 36) and of the instruments I bought from you that were installed at the main helm.  I think they turned out great!  (2nd set installed at the flybridge helm but no picture of that).

    I'm very happy with all the instruments I purchased from your company.  Your price and service were First Rate, and I'll certainly recommend Ultimate Passage to all my boating friends.

    Larry D.
    Anacortes, WA

    Picture of me and my daughter on the boat so ya know what I look like.
    Hi to Bruce.
    Mike S.
    Bellingham, WA

    in case of emergency husband Bruce Collins 440-617-0020 Beechwood Dr   216-905-8486  Westlake ohio